What makes .JP.NET such a unique opportunity?

a: .JP.NET offers consumers the unique opportunity to secure keyword domain names in one of the world’s fastest emerging internet markets, either as an investment or on which to publish a website.

Unlike some other Japanese domain extensions, local residence is not required in order to register a JP.NET domain name. Registrations are available to everyone, without restriction. Japanese businesses with an international perspective, and companies outside Japan wishing to create a business presence within Japan, can register as many .JP.NET domains as they wish.

Who manages .JP.NET?

a: .JP.NET is managed by leading global domain name registry, CentralNic, within a portfolio of 27 domain names including .UK.COM, .LA, .US.COM and .COM.DE.

Learn more about CentralNic.

Who can register .JP.NET domains?

a: After the Sunrise launch phase, for Trademark holders, anyone will be able to register a .JP.NET domain. They are completely restriction free.

How can I register a .JP.NET domain?

a: During Sunrise (Jan 16 – Feb 16 2012)
This phase is for trademark holders to apply for and secure registration of domain names that are matches with trademarks registered prior to July 30, 2010. Registrations can be processed through our registrars. If more than one Applicant submits an Application during this phase for a specific Domain Name, such Domain Name will be registered based on the outcome of an auction process.

During Landrush (Feb 20 – Mar 16 2012)
The Landrush is open to anyone wishing to register a .JP.NET domain name, where that Domain Name was not previously registered or applied for during the Sunrise Process, or excluded by the Registry. If two or more Applicants submit an Application during this phase for an identical Domain Name, such Domain Name will be registered based on the outcome of an auction process.

During .JP and .NET Owner Promotion (Mar 19 – Apr 20 2012)
The .JP and .NET Owner Promotion is open to all registrants of a .JP and .NET domain, wishing to secure the same name under .JP.NET, where that Domain Name was not previously registered or applied for during the Sunrise or Landrush Processes, or excluded by the Registry. Only domains that exactly match the .JP.NET equivalent, and have the same registrant, will be registered in the registry at the end of the period. If a .jp and a .net registrarnt applies for the same equivalent .JP.NET, such Domain Name will be registered based on the outcome of an auction process.

General Availability (from April 24 2012)
.JP.NET domains will become available to anyone through participating registrars or their resellers. Except where registered or applied for during the Sunrise or Landrush period or excluded by the Registry, .JP.NET domains are available to the public based on the chronological order of registrations on a first come, first served basis.

What are the rules regarding the use of characters for a .JP.NET domain?

a: We do not permit registration of domain names containing more than 64 characters, and domain names that start or end with a hyphen. One and two-character domains will only be available for registration during Sunrise and Landrush.

Who is the auction provider for the .JP.NET launch?

a: The auction provider for the .JP.NET launch is the legal firm Schollmeyer & Rickert Rechtsanwaltsgesellschaft mbH (anwaelte.de), one of the world’s most esteemed firms specializing in domain names. Their principal, Thomas Rickert, is also NCA to ICANN’s GNSO Council.

Domain applicants and their registrars will be notified of the auction process at the end of each phase if a duplicate request has been made for a domain for which they applied.

Will I be able to register .JP.NET Domain Names in other languages (Internationalized Domain Names)?

a: .JP.NET domains may be registered with any IDN characters, subject to CentralNic’s IDN rules.

Will I be able to transfer my domain name to another registrar?

a: Yes, transfers between registrars are permitted. You will need to request the Auth Code from your current registrar to facilitate this process, for verification and security purposes.

Is .JP.NET DNSSEC signed?

a: .JP.NET will launch with DNSSEC enabled. Registrants who wish to sign their zones can provide DS record information to CentralNic via their registrar.

How will .JP.NET protect against phishing and abusive registrations?

a: Subclauses (f) and (h) of Clause 13 of CentralNic’s Terms and Conditions state that CentralNic may cancel the registration or suspend registration of a domain name:

  • (f) if CentralNic believes that the domain name was registered for use in a "phishing" attack or other illegal activity of any kind.
  • (h) if inaccurate or false contact details are provided.

Further to these conditions, CentralNic operates the following policy regarding suspected "phishing" domain names:

  1. If we have a reasonable suspicion that a domain name registered at CentralNic is being used in a phishing attack, or otherwise being used for other illegal activities, we will place the domain name "On Hold" and under a Registry Lock.
  2. We will then notify the current registrar for the domain name. If the registrar can provide confirmation that the domain name was registered in "good faith" by the registrant, then CentralNic will immediately unlock the domain name and place it on the "Live" status.
  3. If no confirmation is received, or the registrars agrees that the domain name was registered in "bad faith", the domain name will be placed onto "Pending Deletion", and will be fully deleted from the database after 45 days.

Do You Have A Dispute Resolution Procedure?

a: For details of the CentralNic Dispute Resolution Policy, which applies to .JP.NET domains, click here. For our .JP.NET Registration Policy please click here