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Network your way to global success with .JP.NET

.JP.NET brings together two highly recognised domain extensions, .JP + .NET, to create one powerful online marketing tool that enables your corporation, e-commerce platform, blog, brand, product, service, social or business network, or any other online endeavour to simultaneously network with Japanese and global communities – giving you unparalleled online reach.

The new domain for Japan offers incredible versatility. It is equally valuable for Japanese websites wishing to capture both national and global audiences, and international websites or companies with an interest in reaching out to the Japanese market.

Great names: .JP.NET is a brand new domain offering brand new keywords, place names and short domains that have long been unavailable at .jp, .net and .com. What a great opportunity to secure the name you’ve always wanted, and the one that will give your website the best chance at success – remember, a well defined web address is one that clearly and simply communicates who you are, so keywords and short names are ideal!

Simple registration: .JP.NET domain names are totally restriction-free – register as many as you like from anywhere in the world.

Excellent value: .JP.NET gives you the combined benefits of two extensions at one great price.

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